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Bike Ride to Tiger Lake

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It had been more than a few months since I  had gone for a bike ride and the hectic city wasn’t a good place to start the journey. Jumping onto the bike alongside the took tooks and crowds of people walking by was not easy. A friend of mine had decided to join me on this journey. Despite the rocky start, it was a special trip biking for over an hour and a half into the distant lands of Udaipur. Once we got outside the main bridge past the city center things started to get a little more peaceful. We were able to see how the real locals live. We passed farms, mountains, and people walking down the roads. Eventually, there started to be nothing but bare land on either side of us. 

I was taken out of my element and truly able to enjoy the rich culture and land of India outside the urban bustle. I saw its raw beauty on the faces of the children waving and screaming “Namaste!” 



We stopped a few times to take photos with the locals and enjoy a drink of water. We arrived to Tiger Lake and saw there was glass everywhere but no main point of entry into the lake. We decided to continue on and explore other parts of this land. We saw a sign that said “Silence Resort: 100R for pool.” At this point we were very hot and a pool sounded like heaven so we decided to continue on to this destination. 

Biking on and up many hills and dirt roads, we were able to explore and see the villages, cows, kids, and land that looked like it stretched on forever. 



After about 1.5 hours of bike riding, we reached the Silence Resort. After parking our bikes and walking up to the pool area, we both felt we came upon our own little tranquil oasis. The area looks like it was taken out of a movie; our own little secret garden with a pool. We ordered tea and jumped into the pool. It is hard to put into words how lovely and refreshing the water felt after all that biking in the hot sun. When the tea arrived, it was like tasting a sweet nectar after a long fast. 

We spent most of the day relaxing by the pool. The whole day was so magical. When the sun started to set we decided it was best to hop back on our bikes and head back. Of course we couldn’t resist stopping a few more times to take photos. The way home was such a breeze since we were going downhill almost the whole way. The wind was brushing through my hair as I was soaking up the smells of the plants and feeling the sun start to set, becoming more gentle on my skin. 

As we passed by locals they stared in amazement. It seemed like such a strange sight for them to see foreigners this far out of the city biking through their homeland. 

We finished up our adventure on the rooftop of our hostel looking at the sunset over the mountains we had just biked through. What a journey it was. 

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