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Ways to Save Money Before Your Next Trip 

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Money is always a tricky thing. We seem to never have enough of it. We always want more then we can financially afford. The important things to remember especially if you’re trying to save for your dream trip, a weekend getaway, or an exciting new adventure having a savings is crucial. 

Some of the best ways to save is in the little things. For one week keep track of exactly where all of your money is going. Did you just buy some nice shoes last week maybe you didn’t need to spend the money on, what about a dinner out that you could’ve cooked in, or that coffee. There are so many ways that we are spending money that are very unnecessary. We are consumers and as consumers we want to feed into all of these desires. So this week take time and understand how you are a consumer. Really question yourself let a new voice in your head ask you is this something you really need? do you really want this? will this serve a major purpose in your life beyond today? If you do not answer yes to one of these questions do not get it. Now take that money that you would’ve spent and put it into some form of a savings. 

Over the span of a week you will see just how much money you can save this will determine how much money you probably can have for your trip. 



If you want to go in more of a dramatic right now and really save a lot of money, maybe you’re going on a year journey across the world, maybe your uprooting your life and moving to Europe, whatever it maybe these sort of changes will need a much heavier change to your savings.

Some of the ways to make more of a dramatic impact is to look at where larger sums of money is going but maybe you can cut out. Look at rent, a car, electronics… Are you spending money where you don’t need to. Could you move back home to save money on rent. Could you take public transport and sell your car. Do you buy electronics or even own something that you don’t need?  

We’re doing some of these changes you will start to see your savings dramatically grab whether it’s on a small scale or large scale I promise you it will grow and your awareness to how you’re spending money will grow as well. You will start to change your habits and become much better about where your money is going.

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