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Ultimate Guide to Sri Lanka

A country with so much tragic recent history! This place has just endured a massive tsunami and civil war all within the past ten years. Because of all of its recent issues, it has become a very new destination for tourists. Some places are still very underdeveloped and some are growing at a very fast pace!

Some of the best places to check out are: Galle, Colombo, Arugam bay, Ella, Romboda, Kandy, and Sygiria. 


Enchanting little port town! I spent just one day exploring this place but Iwish I had spent more time here. Galle was so amazing. You can wander the streets and get fully lost within the fort. Outside you can explore many restaurants and turtle sanctuaries. 

Places to Eat: 

Dumplings Cafe

Summer Green

IL Gelato




This is usually a pass-through city, but Ithink it is undervalued. You can find a lot of fun things to do here and I would recommend staying a few nights!


Place to stay:

C1 – One of the most beautiful and chic hotels I stayed at in all of Sri Lanka. 

Check out a more detailed article I wrote about my stay here at  Best Place to Stay in Sri Lanka 


Night Life:

Amuseum – A hip, trendy club

Sky Lounge



Places to Eat:

Botanik – This resturant has a picturesque rooftop bar where you can sit and watch the sunset while enjoying a drink. On Sunday nights they have live jazz music. The food and the wine are of high quality. Iwent up there a few nights to have a fun evening with some of my friends. The atmosphere was perfect!

Harpos Colombo Fort Cafe – Best beef Wellington!!!

Arugam Bay

Laid back, chill surf town!


Things to do: 

Go Surfing

Chill on the beach


Places to Eat: 



Bambini’s Cafe


Tandoori Hut


Places to Stay: 





Very chill town located in a perfect area to see the train, go on hikes and explore local waterfalls!


Things to do: 

Hike up Ella Rock

Explore the Train Tracks

Walk to the Nine Arch Bridge

Ravana Falls

Hike Little Adams Peak


Places to Eat: 

Starbean Cafe

Chill Restaurant Bar

Art Cafe Umbrella


Places to Stay: 

Hangover Hostels Ella

Sudumal Cottage

Hipsters Hideout Ella




This place is mostly undiscovered by tourists and might have been one of my favorite views in all of Sri Lanka!


Things to do: 

Explore the waterfalls

Learn about the local Tea Plantations

Relax and Soak up the views!


Places to Stay: 

Tea Bush Ramboda




Kandy is an interesting city but I wouldn’t recommend staying here long.


Things to do: 

Sri Dalada Maligawa Museum


Places to Eat: 

Cafe Secret Alley

Natural Coffee

Jasmine Song


Places to Stay: 

Amaya Hills Kandy

The Golden Crown Hotel




Things to Do:

Lion Rock ($30 USD Entrance Fee)

Pidurangala Rock (500 Rupees Entrance Fee) 

Pidurangala trek has the best view of Lion Rock without a huge entrance fee. If you have any issues with climbing I would not recommend doing this climb. It will take around 30 to 45 mins to do this climb. I would recommend that you go with enough time to see the sunset but leave 15 mins before the sun actually sets as it will be very hard to get down in the dark.  


Places to Eat: 

Wijesiri Family Resturant


Pradeep Resturant


Places to Stay: 

Fresco Water Villa, Sigiriya


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